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Savannah Kitchen

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Savannah Kitchen is a comfort food restaurant that predominantly features cooking styles, ingredients, and conceptual influences from Southern, New Orleans, Cajun, and Creole cuisines. The vibe is cool and funky, and the décor is striking. Located in an old mill building with a backdrop of old beams, brick, and stone from the 1800s, the design elements include pops of bright colors, faux alligator upholstered panels under the bar, and a large iconic mural of the restaurant’s logo on the main wall. The remaining walls are adorned with fine art Giclée prints by noted artist Will Bullas, all of which are clever, fun portrayals of animals drinking in bars.

The menu covers all the bases, including seafood, meat, raw, cured, vegetarian, and vegan. Other than the dark roux, which is a traditional and key ingredient in their Gumbo Ya-Ya, almost the entire menu, (and fryer oil), is either gluten-free or gluten-free adaptable. The menu is designed with a large selection of varied appetizers so that guests can taste and share multiple dishes.

Their bar program includes a selection of local craft beer, affordable and interesting wines, and the very best specialty cocktails that owner Chris Caddy has created over the course of his career. Just for fun, there is a “Tiki Corner” on the specialty cocktail menu. Served in traditional Tiki mugs with paper umbrellas and bamboo straws, these cocktails will ease you into a relaxed vibe that fits right in with the reggae, steel drum, New Orleans jazz, and surfer music.

“My food is characterized by assertive, bold flavors. There’s not a whole lot of subtle, nuanced, background elements. Using traditional regional spices, we create dishes that are complex, multi-dimensional, and palate-pleasing, without the “heat” that often comes with a lot of New Orleans and Cajun dishes. We have a lot of fun here, and I think our guests will as well. The only things we take seriously at Savannah Kitchen are the food, drinks, and service. There is nothing more satisfying for me than to watch our guests enjoy everything that our team puts their heart and soul into. Come in and join us for a unique dining and drinking experience – I know you’ll enjoy yourself.

Sincerely, Chris Caddy


Learn more about Savannah Kitchen by visiting their website!