The State of the NBA: President’s Report

  • Lisa Keslar

July 27, 2017 Hello to all our wonderful members and hopefully future members! I think it is important to periodically to share an update with all our members. The NBA has been rocking along for quite a while now and we are all so thrilled! I wanted to share with you what has been going on, how we’ve been getting by, and what are the future plans for the NBA.

Some highlights: Here are some of the great things going on with the NBA. If you haven’t been part of it, you should be! We are having a lot of fun, connecting with some great people and hopefully finding ways to support each other and our community!

1. We now have over 90 members. These are wonderful local organizations who do amazing things for our community. If you aren’t networking and meeting them, you totally should. We can help you with that! These are b-to-b, b-to-c organizations. Some are a sole proprietorship, some are larger corporations. Some are retail and others are not. Most are in Newmarket, but not all! We are fortunate to have such diversity! We provide a list of benefits to these members (See website for more).

2. We have a dynamic networking program. We typically strive host two events a month (one in each July & August as many people are vacationing). These are well attended casual events hosted by our members. These are a place where members and prospective members can get to know each other. Haven’t been? You need to come. You are totally missing out! Want to host? You can do that too. Just let us know. It is a great way to build awareness of your business. There is no additional cost for members to host events-. You simply supply light food/drinks and we help promote the event for you!

3. We host a number of larger community events. These include our new Women’s night out, Co-sponsoring the Community awards night, and some educational events which last year included a social media training and this fall will include our exciting Small Business Summit. We are also looking to build on Small Business Saturday this year. (Note- we do need some volunteers to help make these events great as more hands make light work! And you get the benefit of getting better connections with other members. I can speak from experience: it is a great way to build your business while doing good things!)

4.We give you opportunities to sponsor events. This includes some really great things in our community like Arts in the Park and more! Another great way to get engaged in the community, support some wonderful events and build some awareness for your organization.

5. We actively use social media and our website to build awareness of our great organization, events, and our members. This includes member-to-member benefits, membership directory, blog posts, email blasts and more!

6. New! We are building a plan for upcoming smaller educational opportunities- this will include things like how to make the most of your networking in a comfortable way, social media training- intro and advanced, and more. If you are a member and are interested in hosting a lunch-and-learn or some other educational event, Just let us know. There is no additional cost to host this. We help market it to all members and our lists. Great way to provide value to members and build relationships and share your expertise.

7. We have built alliances with the Exeter Area Chamber and the Dover Chamber of Commerce. These groups are very supportive of us and have agreed to work together on event sharing and more. This is a great way for us to have even more opportunities in the local area. We are also building a relationship with Durham.

8. Educational Committee. We have an education committee that is looking for a couple more members. This group is working to build alliances between the schools and the businesses. Tons of great opportunities here if we get the help we need. Please consider joining. This is another great way to make more connections in the community and do good for these kids! Some ideas coming up: internships, educational days, scholarship program etc.

9. Relationship with town and local governments. We have a tremendous opportunity to act as a voice for business here in Newmarket. Town leaders have been very supportive of the organization and our efforts. I can see this becoming an even stronger relationship as we get more active contributors in this area!

What do my dues go to?

I’ve been asked where do the membership dues go. We strive to be transparent so here’s a summary of what happens with membership dues, in no particular order. Note: Any major expenses are approved by the board. All finances are managed by our Treasurer who does keep reports up to date electronically. If any member wants to see them, let us know.

1. Website. We pay a reasonable hosting and service fee to keep our website active and running smoothly.

2. We pay for insurance for the organization.

3. Interns. We have hired interns in the past from UNH through a very affordable program to help with our event planning, social media, and other administrative tasks. We hope to continue to do this as it allows us to get more done while giving these students exposure to both operations of the NBA as well as contacts with member businesses!

4. Sponsorships. We do help sponsor a number of Town events hosted by the Recreation Department so they can continue to bring you the excellent programming that so many members of our community enjoy. This also brings in people to town, which helps our local members. Win-win-win!

5. Event costs. WE often cover costs of the larger events we host. For instance, we do pay for the rental of Millspace and some related event expenses such as some food and more.

6. Remember: We Have NO paid employees. Our activities are all put together by volunteers- business professionals just like you! This includes all the emails you get, all the social media posts you see, all the events that are scheduled etc.

Going forward:

1. We’d like to hear from you. What do you want from the NBA? More events? Different events? More networking? More town related improvements? You can always reach out to me, Lisa Keslar via email or phone. I’d love to hear from you. Have we met for coffee yet? If not, we should! I’m very happy to meet with any and all members to discuss how the NBA can help your business! Just send me a note and we can connect! I’d love that!

2. The NBA can only survive if you participate. This means different things. Can you come to events? Please do! Can you share events? Please do! Can you volunteer to work on one of our activities? Please do! Can you sponsor something? Please do! Interested in joining the board and working on strategic planning? Please do! The options are endless. This is a very open and dynamic organization we are always looking for participation to continue to provide value to all our different kinds of members!

3. We ask you to support local. We ask that you review our member directory. Support these local businesses. They are what helps make our community robust and a place where it is a pleasure to spend time, where you can get things done without going over the bridge! Support your neighbors, keep Newmarket the wonderful town it is! 🙂

Have any questions? Any Ideas? Suggestions? Compliments? We’d love to hear them!

Thank you for your time! I look forward to meeting every one of you!


Lisa Keslar

President, Newmarket Business Association.

Local business owner, Keslar Insurance Agency. Newmarket NH


NBA Board members: Priscilla Carpenter (Owner, Seaside Forensics), Nate Swanson (Owner, Newmarket Dental), Patty Marsden (Pastor, Newmarket Community Church), Brendan Jorgenson (Pastor, Be Free church/ Admin, Keslar Insurance), Kristie Blanchard (Owner, Zentropia),
NBA Advisors: Aimee Gigandet (Director of Recreation, Town of Newmarket), Mike Hoffman (Building Official/Health Officer, Town of Newmarket)