Seacoast Sports Club

You may have passed by a large white building on the road bordering Newmarket and Newfields on Exeter road but what you didn’t know Is that is contains one of the most comfortable and extensive gyms you can possibly be a part of to get your fitness on! With the newest high-tech machines, tons of Seacoast Sports Clubequipment, and new classes for all; Seacoast Sports prides itself on being the most inclusive gym for all people of all athletic abilities.

With around 20,000 square feet of personal fitness space, there are four tennis courts, four racquetball courts, two fitness studios, two large sections of turf for cross fit, Women only areas, cycling studios, and traditional strength training areas with the newest equipment on the market. On top of that, they also have multiple smaller sections for quieter or more secluded areas for more personal use.

Seacoast Sports club always aims for everyone to have their own special hotspot where they feel comfortable to get the best workout they can. Whether you like running in a big open part of the gym or you like your own cozy nook in “the sunroom” overlooking the forest in the back, or the racquetball room where you can work out after an intense game with your buds, Seacoast Sports Club has it all.

Seacoast Sports ClubAnother benefit of the Seacoast Sports Club is their fully connected WIFI, Comcast, Netflix, and Hulu while you work out. Though you can connect at any time, one of the machines that takes full advantage of this are the new treadmills. If you don’t want to stream a show, they still have upgraded connectivity and have features that allow you to virtually travel the world with all the sights and sounds included!

After your workout, the Seacoast Sports club has a men’s and a women’s locker room each with a sauna for each room. Connecting the two, is a collaborative hot tub for you and your friends of both sexes to relax after a good workout.


With a 7-day free trial going on now, go check out the Seacoast Sports club!

Also, if you want to hold a fundraiser, function, or gathering, reach out to the Seacoast Sports club! They are excited and looking for new members and non-members to share their space to hold great and memorable events! Reach them at 603.659.3151 to get more information!


Right now, there is a deal going on for NBA members ONLY which is the corporate monthly rate at the years price!