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5 Granite St, Newmarket, NH 03857


Phone: 603.659.7700
Email: stonechurchmeetinghouse@gmail.com
URL: www.StoneChurchRocks.com
Address: 5 Granite St, Newmarket, NH 03857

The Stone Church is, at present, a music club, restaurant, bar, and function space in downtown Newmarket, NH. Its history is colorful and vibrant. The building was erected in 1832 as a Unitarian-Universalist Church, and then served many purposes, including school, textile factory, roller-skating rink, and VFW Hall. In 1969, the building was sold to three UNH students. Inspired by a “Forever Woodstock” mentality, these students set about creating a rock club that would keep music alive in the community. Quickly, the club established itself as a musical mecca, and hosted the likes of Phish, Aerosmith, Bonnie Raitt, Parliament, The Wood Brothers, Bela Fleck, Joan Osbourne, and more.


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