Project Description

farmer florist – apiarist – berry enthusiast

Newmarket, NH


Fruition Flowers

Born to a beekeeper and a florist’s bookkeeper, I was destined to be surrounded by blooms. My birthday wish for a Venus Fly Trap plant at the age of six was fulfilled, and I’ve been seeking things that thrive in dirt ever since. Fruition is gifted to have a powerhouse family of friends (and actual family members) who lend hands in harvesting, weeding, wedding installations, and every imaginable task in between. With the nurturing support of these and many other people, my dreams of a flora-filled life are coming to fruition.

We believe the cultivation of flowers should have as positive an impact on the earth as they do on their recipients. Through “no-spray” and other sustainable farm practices like composting, drip irrigation, and crop rotation, we strive to treat our lovely little piece of land gently. Although we began our farm endeavor with hundreds of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry bushes in 2013, our focus has fallen on establishing a flower crop that outlasts berry season and isn’t as sticky as honey. Fruition is growing up and laying down roots in the quirkiest little town of Newmarket, NH.

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