Written by: Hayden Spitz

Todd Rideman, owner of Jay’s Newmarket, is proud to own the next hotspot for the town of Newmarket. jaysSoon to be Jay’s Restaurant, Convenience and Gas, they’ve recently remodeled with a brand new craft beer section, flat screen television, while keeping their hold on the best custom food on the market. Rideman is looking to make the old Jay’s lively again, looking to host for sports events and be the common hangout of the town. Jay’s has been around for 20 years when Rideman purchased it last year and turned it into the gem it is today. Rideman prides himself on having a strong connection with the community, knowing his customers by name, and looks forward to meeting more of the community.

Jay’s Restaurant, Convenience and Gas serves Chester’s chicken, homemade authentic Turkish food (including donor spun falafel), fresh breakfast sandwiches, and deserts to die for! The brand-new addition will introduce a craft beer section that will feature a wide selection of the best New Hampshire made craft beers. On top of that, an array of wines and mimosas will be available for all as well! While you’re there, check out the convenience store for all your everyday needs, relax with a drink by the TV, or even stop by and get some cheap high-quality gas. Jay’s is currently considering the possibility of accepting cat’s cache from University of New Hampshire and hopes to bring in more students to the overall Newmarket area.

JaysCurrently there is a lot of construction in front of Jay’s but they are open and continue to look forward to serving the seacoast area! Check out Jay’s on Facebook for more info!