Interview with Nathan Swanson

  • Nathan Swanson

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’ve lived in Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH; Wilmington, DE; Worthington, OH; Grand Rapids, MI; Columbus, OH (again); Portsmouth, NH; Kittery, ME; Madbury, NH; and Durham, NH….. But Newmarket is my favorite town! Living up the road in Durham with my wife, two daughters and two cats, I still tell anyone who will listen that Newmarket is cooler, more fun and has infinitely better restaurant options than the town I sleep in! 😉

What is your business?

Newmarket Dental. We’ve been in town since 1951 and I’m the third generation of dentist to own the practice.

Why did you join the NBA? The Board?

One of my long-time assistants teases me whenever I have some “extracurricular” meeting to go to, whether the NBA, the New Hampshire Dental Society, any of the boards or committees at First Parish Church (Dover,) or my Business Networking International chapter (based in Greenland.) “You’re such a JOINer!” she always says, rolling her eyes in mock exasperation. I suppose I simply believe that it’s important to take part in groups in which one feels it’s possible to positively influence the community. Or, maybe I’m just avoiding the possibility of ever having nothing to do?

How long have you been part of the NBA? The Board?

I believe Gerry O’Connell and Rod Bowles impressed me into joining both as soon as I bought the practice in 2006!

What do you like best about the NBA?

I feel we strike a nice balance between being super ambitious and being lackadaisical. Put another way, I think the activities we promote and the scope of our vision are both very well tailored to the size and style of the town of Newmarket itself.

What do you hope to accomplish as an NBA board member going forward?

I’m shooting for 1/4 size replicas of the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Pyramid at Giza and the Taj Mahal to be built around town. Using only Legos. You gotta have dreams….

What do you like about Newmarket?

Let’s see…. the history, the architecture, the natural beauty of the river and woods, the diverse and eclectic mix of interesting people, the strong sense of community and, of course, the fabulous shared sense of eye rolling frustration when unenlightened out-of-towners attempt to spell it “New Market.”

What do you think are some of the promising opportunities for the NBA?

Certainly addressing the opportunities and challenges presented by continued growth. We want to continue promoting Newmarket as a desirable, fun, productive place to live, do business, and visit, while working to ensure it maintains the characteristics which make us unique. A good example of this is looking at collaborative opportunities to help address the parking situation in town.

Anything else you’d like to share?

My secret burning desire is to have a cocktail named after me… maybe the “Dr Nate’s Painkiller” or something like that? I’m thinking hopefully based on either gin or bourbon. I mean, sure, Listerine is 43 proof, but I’m skeptical that would be a terribly popular mixer, however beneficial it might be to one’s gum health. So, if any local bar tenders or restauranteurs are reading this, I’m available ANY time to collaborate on the composition of my signature drink! Floss garnish totally optional.