Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a Mom, Military spouse and business owner. I grew up in Okinawa, England, Colorado and New Hampshire. I love decorating, being creative, history, hats, wine, coffee, reading, humor and sparkly stuff.

What is your business?

Lana’s House- home decor and gifts

Why did you join the NBA?

I joined the NBA to help make a positive impact in the community, raise awareness for issues concerning small businesses and to meet people.

What do you hope to accomplish as an NBA board member?

I’m passionate about issues pertaining to small business and town growth. I hope to lend my voice and time to providing positive, diplomatic and productive discussions on how to best navigate these issues.

What do you like about Newmarket?

I like the small town yet vibrant feel of Newmarket. I like that the people here have treated me like a friend and neighbor. People are quick with a genuine smile, and that resonates with me.