My name is Karen E. Schuster and I’m the owner of Magnolia and Vine, a direct sales jewelry and accessories company. My husband Peter and I moved to Newmarket in 1973, intending to live here for a year or two while attending graduate school at UNH. Our son Eric attended Newmarket schools and made some great friends. After only a year, we decided we really liked the town and the people and we’re still here, 44 years later!

My professional career spans about 34 years, during which time I was a reading specialist in three nearby towns and a research associate in several educational companies. When I retired in 2010, I joined a party plan company called Miche, which sold handbags. When they closed their doors in 2016, I joined Magnolia and Vine, which is also a party plan company. M & V sells fashionable jewelry and handbags, with interchangeable pieces for both. I don’t have a storefront so I rely on home parties and a website to sell my products. I love rewarding my hostesses with free products and providing my hostesses and customers with affordable, stylish items.

I joined the NBA as a way to thank the town and citizens of Newmarket for their help and support throughout the years. For example, our home and property have been flooded five times over the past 40 years and we received help from neighbors and friends, as well as strangers, in the clean-up operations. During the Mother’s Day Flood of 2006, the Fire Department also helped by rowing my husband to our house to check on our cats who had been alone for three days. This is what I like about Newmarket: the people are friendly and glad to help anyone in need. As a member of the board, I hope to help out with any activities and strategies that will improve the quality of life in Newmarket while preserving its small town character.