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Announcing the 1st Annual Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice 🌸Spring 🌼 EXPO 🌺 held at the Millspace in downtown Newmarket!

This year Newmarket Business Association’s Ladies Night Out and the Newmarket Recreation Department’s Annual Mommy and Me Tea teamed up to create the newly named “Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice” EXPO. This combo event will be fun and festive, as well as, slow providing an atmosphere where attendees can relax, shop, and feel pampered.

The Expo venue will be full of vendors selling products geared toward the female crowd, such as jewelry, crystals, flowers, crafters, women’s clothes, skin care, make up, massages, accessories and many more girly things!

Please note the Sugar & Spice Expo is divided into two festive agendas with an hour break in the middle!

🍰SUGAR Events☕ FREE entry 3:00-5:00PM
Doors open for an afternoon of vendor booth* shopping and demonstrations!

During the afternoon, the Newmarket Rec will also be hosting their Annual Mommy & Me Tea and Fashion Show right inside the venue in a roped off V.I.P. (Very Important Princesses) area of the Expo! All Tea Time participants will have an opportunity to walk the runway wearing various spring like decorative accessories that the Rec will provide! Although entrance to the Vendor Expo is Free to the public at this time, there is a registration fee associated with the Afternoon Tea (seating in the VIP area is limited) To get more information or purchase tickets for the Mommy & Me Tea log onto the Rec’s website @
or check out our other FB event page @ Mommy & Me Tea that will be up soon.

Also, during the afternoon there you will have a chance to win delightful gifts at our “Spectacular Spring Raffle” table filled with various items donated by all of the vendors, as well as, our Dollar Diva Table will be open where girls can purchase secret boxes and possibly win an extra special prize.

Don’t miss this very special spring time bonding opportunity to spend the afternoon with your daughter, niece, granddaughter, best friend, etc… shopping, sipping tea and indulging in tasty treats!

EXPO doors will close for 1 hour from 5PM – 6PM to reset the room for more Spicy Activities!

🍹SPICE Events:💃🏼 FREE entry 6:00-9:00PM
Doors will reopen again at 6:00PM so that the event can get a little more Spicy with our Stay Vacay Beach Bar! Along with all the vendor shopping that will remain open all evening, there will also be more fashion shows! First off, we’re hosting a Fancy/Prom Dress Silent Auction Show fundraiser followed by a Women’s Fashion Show hosted by some of our clothing store vendors!

There will be an array of delectable delights, available from Newmarket’s finest restaurants, the Spectacular Spring Raffle table will still be open, and, of course, through out the night they will be more hands on demonstrations from some of our vendors.

So depending on your girly groove for the day – whether it be SUGAR or SPICE… we guarantee you both agendas will be Nice… after all that’s what girls are made of!

*If you are interested in being a vendor at the EXPO please email the NBA directly @ info@newmarketbusiness.com

**The Spectacular Spring Raffle and Silent Auction is to help raise funds for the Newmarket Recreation Department programs that focuses on empowering girls and women!