Interview with Lisa Keslar


Tell us a little about yourself? In my professional life, I wear a lot of hats. My primary job is running Keslar Insurance in the Mill with my husband, David. We love working with all the variety of customers whether it is to support them with personal insurance like home, auto or life or working [...]

Interview with Lisa Keslar2017-10-24T15:51:09-04:00

Seacoast Sports Club


You may have passed by a large white building on the road bordering Newmarket and Newfields on Exeter road but what you didn’t know Is that is contains one of the most comfortable and extensive gyms you can possibly be a part of to get your fitness on! With the newest high-tech machines, tons of [...]

Seacoast Sports Club2017-11-09T12:44:41-04:00

Interview with Lana DeLong


Tell us a little about yourself? I’m a Mom, Military spouse and business owner. I grew up in Okinawa, England, Colorado and New Hampshire. I love decorating, being creative, history, hats, wine, coffee, reading, humor and sparkly stuff. What is your business? Lana’s House- home decor and gifts Why did you join the NBA? I [...]

Interview with Lana DeLong2017-10-24T15:47:29-04:00

Interview with Karen E. Schuster


My name is Karen E. Schuster and I'm the owner of Magnolia and Vine, a direct sales jewelry and accessories company. My husband Peter and I moved to Newmarket in 1973, intending to live here for a year or two while attending graduate school at UNH. Our son Eric attended Newmarket schools and made some [...]

Interview with Karen E. Schuster2017-11-01T12:40:29-04:00

Jay’s Convenience and Gas


Written by: Hayden Spitz Todd Rideman, owner of Jay’s Newmarket, is proud to own the next hotspot for the town of Newmarket. Soon to be Jay's Restaurant, Convenience and Gas, they’ve recently remodeled with a brand new craft beer section, flat screen television, while keeping their hold on the best custom food on the market. [...]

Jay’s Convenience and Gas2017-10-30T20:38:28-04:00

Interview with Nathan Swanson


Tell us a little about yourself? I've lived in Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH; Wilmington, DE; Worthington, OH; Grand Rapids, MI; Columbus, OH (again); Portsmouth, NH; Kittery, ME; Madbury, NH; and Durham, NH..... But Newmarket is my favorite town! Living up the road in Durham with my wife, two daughters and two cats, I still tell [...]

Interview with Nathan Swanson2017-10-24T15:38:46-04:00

An Ideal Partnership: The Newmarket Recreation Department and the NBA


The Newmarket Business Association feels very fortunate to have a special relationship with the Newmarket Recreation Department! While many Chambers of Commerce plan and host successful community gatherings, such events heavily tax the organizations' limited resources, including money, time and volunteers. This has been observed in most local Chambers and Business Associations. Newmarket, however, is [...]

An Ideal Partnership: The Newmarket Recreation Department and the NBA2017-09-28T14:13:57-04:00

New Intern


Newmarket Business Association is excited to announce its collaboration with the University of New Hampshire’s Entrepreneurial program to assist in developing the NBA and encourage student development. Hayden Spitz, UNH ‘18, is set to join the NBA for the fall semester working to develop events and new growth for the NBA. Spitz, a Business Administration [...]

New Intern2017-09-27T15:11:09-04:00

Seaside Forensic Bookkeeping is now officially Seacoast Bookkeeping, LLC!


We are excited to notify everyone that our member,  Seaside Forensic Bookkeeping is now officially Seacoast Bookkeeping, LLC!   Priscilla Carpenter,  has run this business for  over 30 years. She has spent the last five as a resident of Newmarket and is the wonderful Treasurer of the Newmarket Business Association.  She will continue to offer [...]

Seaside Forensic Bookkeeping is now officially Seacoast Bookkeeping, LLC!2017-08-30T22:58:03-04:00