I get asked on occasion “Why should I join the NBA? What do I get from it?” I love this question because there are so many good answers! For the equivalent of only $6.67/month members get:
  1. Listed on our website Member Directory. This does two things for you. It allows you to be found if people are looking to work with a Newmarket Business. AND it helps your own company with search engine optimization as we have a relevant link back to your site. That alone can be worth $6.67/month.
  2. It gives you the opportunity to attend about 18 or more networking events for free. If you were to go to 1 a month and replace a meal (breakfast/lunch or dinner each time)- you have paid for your membership!
  3. You can participate as a “vendor” in our Women’s night out, our Small business summit for free. This is more than a $60/savings annually which is 3/4 of a year membership alone. AND you get invited to the exclusive annual Community Awards night which is INVITE ONLY!
  4. Get referrals! Also, at those networking events- you are likely to get referrals as you become better connected in the community. I promise $7/month is much cheaper than buying leads or cold calling! Just think- How much do you have to sell to offset a $7 cost? You can also reach out to members directly and use the NBA as a common point of interest to build connections! Members love supporting other members!
  5. It provides you access to a robust contact list. If we share your social media posts you you can potentially get in front of over 1700 followers. If we share it on email- your information gets to over 350 very good email addresses. All of this is free. Paying to “boost” a post would cost you much more than $6.66!
  6. You can put your business information in the “Newbie” bags that go out to all new residents in town. Again- certainly well worth $6.67/month if you take advantage of this!
  7. You get a 10% discount off Advertising in the Rec department publications. This discount alone basically pays for NBA membership!
  8. You can host an event and we will market it for you, for free! Again, we get your business out in front of a whole range of contacts in the community all for only $6.67 a month.
  9. Member-to-member benefits. We have numerous member to member benefits. If you took advantage of every one- you’d be saving hundreds of dollars! Even by utilizing one or two, you could likely pay for your annual NBA membership with the savings!
  10. For only $6.67/month, you get an organization marketing and supporting the community in which you work and or live- and in which your employees work and live. This helps bring business into town, helps ensure the town has great events throughout the year, helps advocate for things like parking improvements and more.  All these things make it more likely that you will not only like working, and possibly living in the community- you will be able to do so with great places to eat, shop, take advantage of service providers and enjoy a quality of life experience.
  11. Sorry- I couldn’t stop at 10! Also, you can feel good knowing that your $6.67/month goes to a non-profit that works hard to make sure we are giving back to the community too through sponsorship of town activities, events like Newmarket Eats, Educational program with the schools, and other charitable efforts- often volunteer. Isn’t that worth $0.22/day?
I could keep going but I hope you are starting to see the value. But if you are still uncertain if the dues for the NBA are “Worth it”. Let’s chat! I’m happy to discuss how your business can take advantage of these benefits so it is clearly something you can’t miss!

Lisa Keslar