Newmarket, The Escape for UNH Homecoming

  • Newmarket
At the University of New Hampshire, homecoming is a much anticipated event for everyone. For returning alumni, it is important to come back to reconnect and rekindle the memories that made college such a special time. It is the perfect opportunity to relive the glory days of tailgating and to prove to your kids how cool you really are. With this year being the 150th anniversary, the weekend celebrations are even bigger! However, it is no secret that with bigger celebrations come a crazier campus. If you are looking to escape the chaos, then neighboring town, Newmarket, is the perfect place to go!
Food establishments in Durham are always over packed during Homecoming Weekend. In order to avoid the stampede of hungry students, check out the variety of food establishments Newmarket has to offer. If you haven’t been to Newmarket in a while, you will be pleasantly surprised. The charming downtown area is now complete with numerous dining and shopping options. Whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat or somewhere a little more personal to sit down and catch up, you will not be disappointed. So skip the long lines and head to Newmarket to get your stomachs filled! Restaurants right on Main Street include Jonny Boston’s, Riverworks Tavern, The Joinery, Kume Bistro, Panzanellas, Big Bean Breakfast Cafe, The Oak House, Basil Leaf, Jemery’s pizza, Crackskull’s Coffee and Books, and many more.
It is also a great spot to take your kids! Treat them (and yourself) to handmade ice cream and gelato at Bloom’n Cow. An additional plus is the option to enjoy your sweet snack with a beautiful waterfront view.
Newmarket is less than a ten minute drive from Durham and has plenty of parking available in the Municipal Lot and on the street. Avoid the campus chaos and take advantage of all Newmarket has to offer!