Newmarket Business Association’s New Board Member- Kristie Blanchard!

  • Kristie
Please welcome the Newmarket Business Association’s newest board member, Kristie Blanchard! Kristie is the owner of a massage therapy practice, Zentropia, LLC. Since hosting her own evening mixer just a few weeks back, Kristie has been extremely involved with the NBA and has proven dedication to all its causes. She has become an ambassador for the organization and has taken it upon herself to campaign for and promote the NBA, as well as the NBA’s events. Due to her recognition of how important networking is, Kristie has made it a point to introduce herself to the majority of business owners in Newmarket and has become a warm, familiar face.
Kristie’s charismatic attitude and determination made it an easy vote, and a unanimous one, for the NBA Board. Even with her being new to the position, Kristie has brought so much to the table and has been responsible for helping the NBA thrive. The NBA is excited for the future with Kristie and is eager to see what else is in store!