New Intern

  • Hayden Spitz

Newmarket Business Association is excited to announce its collaboration with the University of New Hampshire’s Entrepreneurial program to assist in developing the NBA and encourage student development.

Hayden Spitz, UNH ‘18, is set to join the NBA for the fall semester working to develop events and new growth for the NBA. Spitz, a Business Administration duel major with a focus on Marketing and Entrepreneurship, recently interned with Big Brothers Big Sisters and Kurgo, Inc and is excited to implement his skills in the Newmarket Business Association.

Spitz also performs with Not Too Sharp, UNH’s all male acapella group, advises the UNH student run Entrepreneurship Club, is a part of UNH’s professional fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. Whether developing knowledge, donations, or camaraderie, Spitz believes that events have the power to bring people together, develop a sense of community and create smiles. Spitz is currently working on the Small Business Summit on October 19, bringing connecting new and small businesses with a variety of community experts. Hayden looks forward to making this event a success and continue to plan and promote the rest of the NBA events in our midst!