Member Spotlight: Seacoast Test Prep

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Stephanie Harzewski and Paul Palazzolo are co-founders of Seacoast Test Prep, a tutoring agency. Both are very qualified, with Stephanie being the reading and writing specialist and Paul being the math and science specialist. Both have demonstrated their love for sharing their knowledge with students and aiding them in becoming more prepared for college admissions.
Jared Rand, Founder of The Knowledge Roundtable, is very pleased with how Stephanie and Paul are preforming at Seacoast Test Prep. He states, “It’s also something of an interesting story how Seacoast Test Prep was formed. Paul and Stephanie worked with me for several years running the courses that I originally developed for The Knowledge Roundtable. My focus for the company slowly shifted away from SAT courses and towards its tutoring marketplace. So in January of this year, Paul, Stephanie, and I all came to the decision that it would be best for them to take over the administration of these courses and form their own company, Seacoast Test Prep, while I continued on with The Knowledge Roundtable’s tutoring marketplace. I’ve been very impressed with their continued commitment to growing their new business over the last year. And it was definitely the right call for The Knowledge Roundtable as well; I’ve been able to focus my efforts on growing the tutoring marketplace, which now has over 17,000 tutors and is helping 10 times more students connect with tutors than it was a year ago.”Through Seacoast Test Prep, Stephanie and Paul motivate and guide students to boost their grades and test scores. They pride themselves on providing premium quality yet affordable tutoring for standardized tests via small classes or individual sessions. This allows for instructors to closely interact with students and provide the ultimate learning experience. Not only do they offer small classes on SAT prep, but they also offer private tutoring for other standardized tests like the ACT, GRE, as well as other general subjects. Seacoast Test Prep offers students and families a wider range of options to successfully make the transition to their highly desired schools. For more information: